Grilles & Diffusers 


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Diffusers Grilles

Duct Fittings, Filters & Accessories

Find out more about our range of Brofer duct fittings and accessories

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Typical Kitchen Ventilation Units

We can present you with a choice of extraction fan units complete with carbon filters and pre-filters. Our range includes a choice of kitchen hoods such as wall-mounted, island type, extract-only and balanced airflow.

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Ventilation Fans

Full rnge of ventilation fans ranging for wide range of use. from small domestic bathrooms to large smoke ventinag fans for industrial use.

Ventilation Fans

Flexible Ducting & Fire Safety

Find out more about the range of flexible ducting and fire safety solutions we offer through the catalogues below.

Flexible dUCting Fire safety

Sound Attenuators & Regulation Solutions

Discover our range of sound attenuators and regulation solutions  from Brofer

Sound Attenuators Regulation Weather Louvres